ANDREW MISCHKE, co-founder

Starting with his tenure as the General Manager of Mercy Lounge in 2007, Andrew's leadership grew advance ticket revenue for the venue by over 400%, and he helped oversee the opening of two new venues (The High Watt and One). Andrew's never-ending contribution to Mercy Lounge’s success helped the venue become nominated for Night Club of the Year in the 2014 Pollstar Awards – the only Nashville club to be nominated to date. He aided in the development of With Your Friends Fest, and has appeared on NPR and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Andrew has been married to his wife Shelby since 2009, and is a badass father to his young sons Michael and Matthew.

Beth Cameron

BETH CAMERON, co-founder

Beth Cameron has extensive music industry experience from both sides of the stage. Her first job was working the door at the all-ages venue, Indienet, and has been an internationally touring musician and recording artist since high school (Forget Cassettes, Eliza the Arrow, Ponychase). In addition to production and marketing experience (AEG, NS2), Beth spent two years at Exit/In, and helped establish the systems of operation for Marathon Music Works upon its opening in 2011. She is known for throwing killer karaoke parties, and taught her dog, Humphrey, to sing on command.

Tyler Mahan Coe

TYLER MAHAN COE, Director of Digital Marketing

From 2001 to 2013, Tyler Mahan Coe travelled the country nonstop as touring guitarist and band director for his father, David Allan CoeUpon returning home to Nashville, Tyler met with Andrew Mischke, then General Manager of Mercy Lounge. Having freelance experience in PR, Tyler quickly made himself invaluable in managing the multiple social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns for events in Mercy Lounge, Cannery Ballroom and The High Watt. Tyler’s plaque commemorating his top G.E.D. scores contains a typo. He has also been bitten by a jaguar. 


BRANDON JAZZ, Director of Artist & Client Development

Brandon Jazz became an intern at Mercy Lounge in 2009. By 2011, he was training for the role of Assistant Manager, while helping to build The High Watt venue. When The High Watt opened in 2012, Brandon became an in-house Talent Buyer for the entire complex, with a primary focus on showcasing up-and-coming bands and nurturing a then-nonexistent independent stand-up comedy scene in Nashville. Brandon also has an extensive background in Tour Management, from Wild Cub's first US Tour to Mineral's 20th Anniversary Tour. Brandon once performed a Michael Bolton song at The Ryman - like, on the stage, with his band The Armed Forces - for a sold-out B-52s audience.